Structural Steel Testing Service In Rajasthan

Structural steel Testing service

Cimec offers Structural Steel Testing Service in Rajasthan.Mechanical Testing (Metals & Other Products) and Characterization is carried out to understand the fundamental properties of a material when subjected service and environmental loading and operating conditions. Through our mechanical testing services at CIMEC, we help our clients to understand the quality of tested materials and its different mechanical properties providing them with real data to ensure products specifications and comply with the required regulations and quality standards.


Products We Test / Services We Offer
Metal & Metal Products
Ferrous-Non Ferrous Metals, Alloys & Metal Products
Welds, Welded test Specimens
Metal Powders & sintered products
Metallic Coatings
Welding Electrodes
Break lining & Break Drum
Construction of safety Nets
Chain pulley Block
Coil Springs
Steel Wire Ropes


Other Miscellaneous Products
Asbestos Sheets
Wall, Floor & Ceiling Panels
Plumbing & Drainage Fittings
Doors & windows

Major tests performed on these materials
Tensile strength
Yield Stress
Impact Strength
Corrosion Resistance

Structural steel Testing service in rajasthan


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